Hugleikur Dagsson (19.04.19) @ p.m.k

When? 19.04.19 | 21:00
Where? p.m.k – Viaduktbogen 18-20, 6020 Innsbruck
Damage: €15

During the last couple of years I have worked with way over 400 artists from all around the world. There have been lectures, performances, exhibitions, many many concerts, film screenings and readings. But never before have I thought about organizing a night including stand-up comedians. After all: Why should I?
The only guy, who is probably weird enough to interest me within this field, is Icelandic weirdo Hugleikur Dagsson. I first was introduced to his work when I visited Iceland a couple of years ago. Since then he has become pretty famous and I still enjoy this strange comics and postings.
Long story short: I got asked to set up a gig for him in Innsbruck, so I did.

Icelandic Stand Up Comedy in English From A Cartoonist who should know better
Hugleikur Dagsson was born in the winter of 1977 in the northern part of Iceland. Since then he has been breathing oxygen and eating sharks to fuel his artistic tendencies. He graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2002 and is now an established comedian, cartoonist. screenwriter and director. He has published around 30 books, mostly comics or cartoon collections with focus on dark humour. He has written 3 plays, directed his own animated TV series and is also in a boyband.

He has been doing stand up comedy in Iceland for a decade and taped two stand up specials in Icelandic. His style has been described as „filthy but friendly“. His material includes the weird sex taboos of Star Wars, the inescapable creepiness of Tinder and the tragic plight of gluten intolerants. After running out of Icelandic audiences, he is finally bringing his comedy stylings to the mainland in the english language. You have been warned.


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